Is the MOLECULER a straightening iron?
No, the MOLECULER does not get hot, nor does it straighten your hair. It is used exclusively for the smuggling of care products.

Why does my hair need care?
The outer scales tear open under varying loads, the hair loses its reflective surface and thus its shine. When the outer cuticle is torn, the inner hair structure is also damaged. Good care products contain proteins and keratins, which penetrate the hair structure and regenerate the hair fibers and seal the outer cuticle.

What kind of care products should I use with the MOLECULER?

Whether a hair mask, a hair rinse or a leave-in conditioner ... MOLECULER intensifies every care product! For daily or several times a week use we prefer a leave-in conditioner in combination with the MOLECULER, because you do not have to rinse it out. For weekly or monthly use, we prefer the hair masks in combination with the MOLECULER.

Why do I need the MOLECULER for this?
The penetration of the care products into the hair structure is difficult even for the best care products. It is only a fraction of the care product that actually penetrates the hair structure. The remainder remains on the cuticle for a short time and is then rinsed out.

The MOLECULER technology makes it possible to bring the care products deep into the hair structure and to keep them there by subsequently sealing the cuticle layer. The MOLECULER treatment repairs the hair permanently and efficiently.

How often do I have to use the Moleculer?
You will see the first difference right after the first application. The more you use the Moleculer, the better your results will be. However, it is advisable to repeat the treatment at regular intervals (e.g. weekly), as your hair continues to be exposed to various stresses such as hot air, curling irons and straightening irons.

How do I clean the MOLECULER after the treatment?
Please do not hold the MOLECULER in the water under any circumstances. The Moleculer is cleaned with a damp cloth or with a disinfectant wipe.