Wash your hair as usual then dry it off with a towel.

Brush your hair and prepare your care product. For example, mica a hair cure with an Allerga Natural Keratine ampoule.

Apply your care product according to the usual application. Then brush your hair and separate it into individual strands.

Set the timer to the desired intensity. The number of seconds shows you how long the ultrasonic infrared function is active. If the MOLECULER is closed for longer than the set time (max. 18 seconds), the function will automatically deactivate. When you reopen it, the timer starts again and thus the function again.

Work all strands individually from top to top (according to the applied care) with the MOLECULER. The best achievements can be achieved by going through each strand 4-5 times with the MOLECULER. Let the hair cure (with Allerga Natural Keratine) then act for another 10 minutes.

Rinse your hair and dry it as usual. Enjoy the sight of your shiny hair!

We recommend repeating the treatment weekly.

Then clean the MOLECULER with a damp cloth or disinfectant cloth.

Please do not hold the device in the water under any circumstances.

How do I use ALlerga?

Keratin Hair Care

Mix the contents of the ALLERGA ampoule with either water or a hair cure and apply to the hair. Immediately afterwards, pass the hair with the MOLECULER. Then rinse the hair and dry.

Intense keratin hair care

Mix approx. 25 ml of any hair cure with an ALLERGA ampoule and apply to towel-dried hair. Then leave the hair on for 10 minutes (preferably in a moist and warm towel). Then work the hair with the MOLECULER. The hair is then rinsed and dried.