• The revolution in hair care!
  • The must-have for your hair!


The revolution in hair care! order now

The must-have for your hair!

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is a revolutionary one Device for rebuilding the hair structure and is not a straightener!

Thanks to its ultrasonic infrared technology, MOLECULER infiltrates the hair care deeply into the hair structure and seals the hair surface so that the care substances remain in the hair.

The hair is built up from the inside and shines Shine, abundance and health outward!


Step by step

First of all, wash your hair as usual, then dry it with a towel.

Mix 1 ampoule Allerga Natural Keratin with 10 ml of lukewarm water and apply the mixture to all of your hair. Then, gently brush your hair to work in the mixture and separate it into individual strands.

Set the timer to the intensity you want. The number of seconds shows you how long the ultrasonic infrared function has been active. If the MOLECULER is closed longer than the set time (max. 18 seconds), the function is automatically deactivated. When you open it again, the timer and thus the function starts again. 

Work all the strands individually from the top to the tips with the MOLECULER. You will achieve the best results when you use the MOLECULER go through.

Your hair must then not rinsed will.

Dry your hair as usual. Enjoy the sight of your shiny hair!

We recommend repeating the treatment 1-2 times a week.

Clean the MOLECULER then with a damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe.
Please do not hold the device in water under any circumstances.

Das Gerät für kaputte Haare. Es ist Haarpflege mit Infrarot und Ultraschalfunktion, die Keratine tief in die Haarstruktur einschleust und die Haarstruktur aufbaut. Allerga Keratine sind im Moleculer Set enthalten. Kein Glätteisen. Für schöne gesunde Haare


i want the MOLECULER!

My thin hair feels much stronger and fuller after the treatment. Excellent! 

Julia R.

My bleached hair was very brittle. By using Allerga Keratinen and the MOLECULER, my hair has recovered and is no longer breaking off.

Alexia S.

I've been using the MOLECULER for two months now, twice a week. I am thrilled that it really works.

Kelly K.